The Owl IT Services’ Microsoft 365 InTune Implementation: Empowering MyAutonomy’s Remote Work.


This case study highlights how The Owl IT Services successfully assisted MyAutonomy in implementing Microsoft 365’s InTune endpoint management system. The implementation aimed to enable centralised management and security of staff computers without the need for an on-premise server. It also facilitated the uniform roll-out of system settings to both local and overseas staff, improving remote work capabilities and overall operational efficiency. This case study explores the challenges faced, the implemented solution, and the resulting benefits for MyAutonomy.


MyAutonomy is an Australian company specializing in plan managements for the NDIS. With a distributed workforce operating across multiple locations both in Australian and overseas, MyAutonomy recognised the need for a streamlined approach to manage and secure their staff computers. Seeking to enhance remote work capabilities, they partnered with The Owl IT Services to implement Microsoft 365’s InTune endpoint management system.


MyAutonomy faced several challenges with their existing infrastructure and remote work setup, including:

  • Lack of centralised management: The absence of a centralised management system made it challenging to enforce consistent system settings and security policies across all staff computers, resulting in inconsistencies and potential security vulnerabilities.
  • On-premise server limitations: Maintaining an on-premise server for managing remote staff computers was costly, complex, and required continuous maintenance and updates.
  • Remote work limitations: The absence of a robust endpoint management system hindered the efficient and secure remote work experience for both local and overseas staff, impacting productivity and collaboration.


The Owl IT Services proposed a comprehensive solution leveraging Microsoft 365’s InTune endpoint management system to address MyAutonomy’s challenges. The solution encompassed the following steps:

a. Needs assessment:

The Owl IT Services conducted a thorough assessment of MyAutonomy’s existing infrastructure, understanding their requirements, security protocols, and remote work needs.

b. Design and planning:

Based on the assessment, The Owl IT Services designed a customised endpoint management system using Microsoft 365’s InTune. The design included security policies, device management profiles, and application deployment strategies.

c. Implementation and configuration:

The Owl IT Services collaborated closely with MyAutonomy’s IT team to implement and configure InTune, ensuring seamless integration with the existing infrastructure. This involved setting up policies, enrolling devices, and establishing secure connections.

d. Device enrollment and provisioning:

The Owl IT Services facilitated the enrollment of staff computers into InTune, ensuring each device was correctly provisioned and configured to align with MyAutonomy’s standardised settings and security policies.

e. Application deployment:

The Owl IT Services streamlined the deployment of essential applications and updates through InTune, ensuring that staff computers had the necessary software and patches for efficient remote work.

f. User training and support:

The Owl IT Services provided comprehensive training to MyAutonomy staff, educating them on the functionalities of InTune and best practices for utilizing the endpoint management system. Ongoing support was also provided to address any user concerns or technical issues.


The implementation of Microsoft 365’s InTune endpoint management system delivered significant benefits for MyAutonomy:

  • Centralised management and security: InTune enabled MyAutonomy to centrally manage and secure staff computers, ensuring consistent system settings and security policies across the organization. This reduced potential security vulnerabilities and improved compliance.
  • Cost savings and simplified infrastructure: The implementation eliminated the need for an on-premise server, resulting in cost savings on infrastructure maintenance and updates. The simplified infrastructure reduced complexity and IT management overhead.
  • Improved remote work capabilities: InTune facilitated efficient and secure remote work for both local and overseas staff, ensuring consistent access to necessary applications and data. This enhanced collaboration, productivity, and work-life balance.
  • Uniform roll-out of system settings: InTune allowed for the uniform roll-out of system settings, enabling MyAutonomy to deploy consistent configurations, policies, and updates across staff computers regardless of their location.
  • Enhanced data protection: InTune’s security features, such as device encryption, data loss prevention, and remote wipe capabilities, provided advanced protection for MyAutonomy’s sensitive data, mitigating risks associated with lost or stolen devices.


With the assistance of The Owl IT Services, MyAutonomy successfully implemented Microsoft 365’s InTune endpoint management system, revolutionising their remote work capabilities and operational efficiency. The InTune solution provided centralised management and security, enabling uniform roll-out of system settings and reducing potential vulnerabilities. MyAutonomy experienced improved productivity and enhanced collaboration, while also ensuring data protection and compliance. By leveraging The Owl IT Services’ expertise, MyAutonomy transformed their remote work landscape, empowering their staff to work efficiently and securely from anywhere in the world.

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