The Owl IT Services’ 10GbE Networking Implementation: Accelerating Stab Studio’s Workflow.


This case study examines how The Owl IT Services successfully assisted Stab Studio in implementing 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) networking in their office. The implementation aimed to improve the speed of working on very large CAD files, reducing waiting time for staff and boosting overall work efficiency. This case study highlights the challenges faced, the implemented solution, and the resulting benefits for Stab Studio.


Stab Studio is a creative design agency specialising in graphic design, animation, and video production. Their work often involves handling large files, which presented a challenge in terms of data transfer speed and work efficiency. Seeking to optimise their workflow, Stab Studio engaged The Owl IT Services to implement 10GbE networking in their office.


Stab Studio encountered several challenges with their existing networking infrastructure, including:

  • Slow file transfers: Large file sizes led to lengthy transfer times, and long waits for saving and opening work files, causing delays in accessing and collaborating on projects, hampering productivity and efficiency.
  • Bottlenecks and congestion: The existing networking setup struggled to handle the bandwidth demands of multiple users simultaneously working on data-intensive tasks, resulting in network congestion and reduced performance.
  • Collaboration limitations: The limited network speed hindered real-time collaboration on projects, impacting teamwork and hindering creative processes.
  • Scalability concerns: Stab Studio anticipated future growth and needed a networking solution that could accommodate increasing file sizes and expanding team requirements.


The Owl IT Services proposed a comprehensive solution to address Stab Studio’s challenges, focusing on the implementation of 10-Gigabit networking to replace their existing 1Gb network. The solution involved the following steps:

a. Network assessment:

The Owl IT Services conducted a thorough evaluation of Stab Studio’s existing network infrastructure, identifying areas of improvement and potential bottlenecks.

b. Network design and planning:

Based on the assessment, The Owl IT Services designed a customised network architecture that included the implementation of 10GbE switches and network adapters for all workstations and servers

c. Hardware procurement and installation:

The Owl IT Services sourced and procured the necessary networking equipment, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. They then installed and configured the hardware in the Stab Studio office.

d. Network optimization:

The Owl IT Services fine-tuned the network settings, optimizing protocols, bandwidth allocation, and Quality of Service (QoS) configurations to ensure efficient data transfer and minimise latency.

e. Testing and validation:

Rigorous testing was conducted to validate the performance and stability of the 10GbE network, ensuring that it met Stab Studio’s requirements and expectations.

f. User training and support:

The Owl IT Services provided comprehensive training to Stab Studio staff, educating them on the benefits and effective utilization of the upgraded network. They also offered ongoing support to address any technical issues or user concerns.


The implementation of 10GbE networking delivered numerous benefits for Stab Studio, including:

  • Accelerated file transfers: The upgraded network significantly reduced file transfer times, enabling staff to work seamlessly with large files and minimizing waiting periods.
  • Reduced file saving and loading wait times: The team were now required to spend far less time waiting for files to open, or for files to complete saving, allowing staff to spend more time on real work instead.
  • Improved collaboration and productivity: The enhanced network speed facilitated real-time collaboration on projects, allowing team members to work concurrently on files, boosting overall productivity and creative processes.
  • Enhanced efficiency and time savings: Reduced waiting time for file transfers translated into increased efficiency, enabling staff to accomplish tasks more quickly and meet project deadlines effectively.
  • Scalability and future-proofing: The 10GbE network provided ample bandwidth to accommodate Stab Studio’s growing file sizes and expanding team, ensuring smooth operations and scalability for future needs.
  • Overall work environment improvement: The improved network speed created a more fluid and responsive working environment, fostering a positive atmosphere and boosting staff morale.


The Owl IT Services successfully assisted Stab Studio in implementing 10GbE networking, addressing the challenges they faced with large file transfers and boosting overall work efficiency. The upgraded network infrastructure significantly improved file transfer speeds, enabling real-time collaboration and minimizing waiting time for staff. With The Owl IT Services’ expertise, Stab Studio achieved enhanced productivity, time savings, and a scalable networking solution, empowering their creative team to deliver high-quality work efficiently.

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